Therapy Providers


James Baughman, LCSW

 James Baughman is a native to Virginia. Born in 1970 he remained a Virginia resident until 1994. He spent 7-years (1994-2002) in the Army as a mechanic. For the last 16-years (2002-2018) he has lived Oklahoma raising a family and furthering his college education. He studied social work at the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa campus. He focused his studies in clinical social work practice with diverse populations with severe mental illness. He specializes in working with adults who with mood disorders including bipolar and depressive disorders. He uses a Cognitive Behavioral approach to assist people in modifying negative cognitive schemas/constructs and utilizing the therapeutic relationship to help the client build catharsis to solving everyday life problems. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker he has spent most of his time in clinical practice working with adults having severe mental illness and/or co-occurring disorder. He has also provided crisis services to adults experiencing a mental health crisis. His passion is to work with adults experiencing mental health problems achieve self-sufficiency, resilience, and optimal health & Wellness. He provides individual therapy, group therapy, and couples therapy. He works with male and female adults ages 18-99 who have primary diagnoses for a mood disorder or anxiety disorder including PTSD.


Louise Friedman, LCSW

My interest in social work as a career began when I was an undergraduate at the University of Tennessee and I had the opportunity to work on some federally funded community projects in Appalachia. After receiving a Master’s degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University, I worked with the Virginia Beach Department of Social Services, where I participated in developing an emergency response to reports of child abuse or domestic violence. My work with Family Services of Tidewater gave me opportunities to develop clinical skills in working with individuals, couples and families.  Through my years at Tidewater Psychotherapy Services, my clinical interests have grown to include a focus on treating depression, anxiety, and panic disorders as well as continuing interest in couples’ relationships and parenting.


Martin I Friedman, LPC, LMFT

I began my career as a school psychologist, then spent several years working in family treatment programs through the juvenile courts. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with post-graduate training in marriage and family therapy from Georgetown University. I work with individuals, couples, families and groups. I have facilitated anger management and domestic violence groups as well as couples’ groups. I have a particular interest in working with military couples, promoting family unity to help reduce stress and tension that can result from long separations due to deployments.


Candice Happach, LCSW

Originally from western North Carolina, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Western Carolina University and attended Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri for a Masters of Social Work.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has come to Virginia by way of being a proud military wife. The military lifestyle has provided me with opportunities to practice in a variety of clinical settings; including Juvenile Services, residential mental health, child welfare, and the veteran’s health administration.  My work has given me experience with Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), trauma informed care, interpersonal family systems therapy (IFS), Cannabis Youth Treatment, and other empathic counseling skills with individuals, couples, or families, from adolescents to older adults.  I enjoy helping people who are challenged by traumatic experiences, anxiety, work-life balance, anger management, depression, relationship conflict, self-image, stress and suicide ideation.  I am delighted to be a provider at Tidewater Psychotherapy Services, and to bring a set of skills that will complement the organization's passion to see people achieve their long-term wellness goals


Georgia Phillips, LCSW

Every human being at times experiences sadness, anxiety, anger, shame, fear, hopelessness, guilt, uncertainty. But for some, their daily lives are significantly impacted. You maybe struggling with your marriage, partnership, children, family, friends, employer, co-workers. Depression and anxiety may cause you to avoid doing the things that matter and/or to choose unhealthy ways of coping. Some struggle with anger issues that result in legal, relationship and/or employment problems. Others have experienced traumatic events as children and/or adults. While pain in life is inevitable, it does not have to take over our lives. Know that you are doing the best you can; and that you aren't broken - you are just stuck. As Benjamin Franklin wisely said: Those things that hurt, instruct. My approach helps you live a rich & meaningful life, guided by your values (what matters to you; what you stand for) while effectively managing the stress that inevitably comes along with being human. In other words, to be the person you want to be and do what matters even in the face of adversity. To let go of the struggle with things out of your control. You choose your values: who and what is important. Are you moving towards them or away from them? Is what you are doing working? We will join together as a team to expand awareness and figure this out!


Paul Rosenberg, LCSW

I attended the University of Virginia and Norfolk State University.  He has over 34 years of experience working with children aged 5 and over, adolescents and adults. He will work with children younger than 5 in a family therapy setting.  He can provide individual, marital/couples, and family therapy for ADHD, Anxiety, Behavior/Conduct Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Depression, Grief, Physical Abuse/Victim, Sexual Abuse/Victim, Parenting, PTSD, OCD in children, Social Skills, and School Issues.