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Through the collaboration of psychiatrists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, licensed professional counselors, and clinical social workers, Tidewater Psychotherapy Services provides comprehensive mental health services to meet a broad range of needs and concerns, utilizing a range of modalities and clinical orientations.

Individual Therapy

Tidewater Psychotherapy offers individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults to address mental health and adjustment concerns.  Individual therapy is the unique collaboration between a person who has concerns about his ability to manage some part of his life or emotions and a therapist with particular skills or knowledge about those concerns.  Individual therapy is always specific to the person who is seeking help and directed at accomplishing the goals that are important to him.


Couples Therapy

Also called conjoint therapy, relationship therapy is appropriate for dating, cohabitating, premarital, married, separated, or divorcing couples.  Couples may use treatment to eliminate, reduce or manage problems that create conflict and interfere with the ability to maintain an open, functional relationship. Couples also use therapy to support the relationship through times of change or crisis. Relationships are viewed by the therapist as systems in which both partners may contribute to strengths and successes as well as conflicts in their partnership.  The most effective solutions will result from each partner’s efforts to change.


Family Therapy

Therapy that involves the entire family can be a very useful way to address emotional or behavioral problems that may be identified in only one family member, or to help the family process and adjust to stress and changes.  Behavioral issues in children and adolescents, substance abuse of a family member, or changes through divorce, death, or financial problems are some of the issues that can be most appropriately treated by bringing the entire family into the therapy session.


Group Therapy

Tidewater Psychotherapy Services provides therapy in a group setting for a number of issues such as substance abuse or relationship problems, so individuals can benefit from the support and wisdom of talking with others with similar concerns.  Group therapy is a very effective way to promote behavior and attitude changes.  Groups are led by skilled therapists with expertise in the identified problem.  Group therapy may also be part of treatment plan in conjunction with other services.


Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

At Tidewater Psychotherapy Services, psychiatric evaluations and medication management are an important part of the comprehensive mental health services available.  If the initial assessment and treatment plan indicates a need, a psychiatrist, physician assistant or nurse practitioner evaluates to determine the possible benefit of adding medication to the treatment plan.  The prescriber and the clinician work in close coordination to maximize the benefit of both the therapy and the medication regimen.



Tidewater Psychotherapy Services is a multidisciplinary mental health practice where psychiatrists, physician assistants, psychologists, social workers and licensed professional counselors provide a wide range of services to individuals, families and groups. Treatment is provided for patients of all ages, and services include individual therapy, family and marital therapy, medication management, and groups in specialty areas such as substance abuse.




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